A legal notice is a way to communicate your intent to initiate legal action against another party. Hire a lawyer to send a legal notice to anybody from wherever you are. It is a notice of intention to sue if the demand is not complied.

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Legal Services.

We offer a plethora of legal services that are customized to suit your needs.

Legal Research

Quick, reliable and concise legal briefs through case laws, judicial precedents and case analysis to obtain relevant legal knowledge and data.

Legal Writing

Specialised in creating, editing and drafting of legal documents and articles such as memoranda, case briefs, petitions, wills and counterclaims.

Contract Drafting

Drafting unambiguous, enforceable contract terms and conditions to foster a smooth relationship between the parties and avoid legal risks.

Notice Drafting

Draft a persuasive legal notice to comply with the demands, take necessary actions, and negotiate the contract for the desired outcome.

Contract Review

Contracting review and vetting service to analyse the terms and conditions of a contract through fact-check, feasibilities, and predict contract risks.

Legal Opinion

Get an expert legal opinion and advice on any question of law for your business, personal issues, property transactions, or family matters such as divorce.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We have compiled a list of question and answers regarding sending and replying to a legal notice.

What is the meaning of Legal Notice?

Legal Notice is the concept describing a requirement that a party, company & person be aware of legal procedure affecting their own rights, obligations or duties.

What to do if no response to my Legal Notice?

If legal notice is not replied then one can go ahead with the legal steps which has been warned if not replied in stipulated time and you may use it as an advantage while drafting the petition and put blame for not complying with the requirements of notice which has become the root cause for filing the case.

What is the lawyer notice reply time? Is there any time limit to respond to legal notice?

Normally it is 7 or 15 days from the receipt of the Legal Notice.It depends on facts and circumstances or seriousness of matter, time limit will obaviosly be mentioned in any legal notice to revert back.

What is a court notice? And how it is different from a lawyer notice?

Court notice is an official invitation to the court to appear on particular date and time. Lawyer notice is sort of a warning to whom it is sent . Its states a wrong/mistake one may have committed and also the legal penalty/amount that you would be subjected to if the sender of the legal notice resorts to litigation.

How to reply to a lawyer notice from employer?

Ideally you should contact a lawyer to respond to the legal notice in the most effective way.However, there is no bar to responding to the notice. In this case, you should ideally deal with all the allegations contained in the notice para-wise, with your side of the story. You should try and avoid making any admissions which would make you liable. Civil and criminal consequences can ensue from even an inadvertent admission of your liability.

How to send a legal notice without a lawyer?

Read the notice carefully to make sure that you have understood what the sender is asking of you and why the notice has been sent in the first place. You are supposed to reply it parawise on merits

Can you help draft and send legal notice for cheque bounce cases?

Yes,  We do help in drafting an effective legal Notice for Cheque Bounce case Under Section 138 of N.I. Act

What should I do, if someone sends me a lawyer notice?

Consult a lawyer and present him with all the information you have regarding the issue, he will draft a reply for you and send the notice on your behalf.

My wife has sent me a lawyer notice for divorce. Can you help?

Yes, We will help in replying the notice for divorce.

Can a lawyer notice be returned without receiving in India?

A lawyer’s notice is just an information with regard to any legal liability & its consequence. If you ignore it you cannot blame the other party of not giving you sufficient notice for the legal liability & the legal remedies he or she has chosen to take against you by initiating the process of litigation. This is an opportunity for you to settle ‘out of court’ any dispute if it exists between you both & to avoid loss of time & money in unnecessary litigation. If the person sending the legal notice is not known to you & no relationship of any sort ever existed between you, then you can avoid the legal notice, & need not reply it.

I received a court notice from lawyer on behalf of a Bank for money. What to do?

First, meet the Bank Manager and try to sort it out or else hire a lawyer and reply to this particular Notice.

How much does it cost to send a lawyer notice in India?

Cost depends on the facts and circumstance of the case. Please share complete details for an estimation.

Can I take the other party directly to court without sending legal notice?

It is advisable to hear what the other party has to say before filing a lawsuit.

Is it mandatory to send a Legal Notice?

No, it is not mandatory. But it is highly advisable.

Do I have to send the legal Notice?

Yes, it is advisable to send the legal notice.

Will I get the copy of the notice?

Yes, we will send you a copy of the legal notice.

Can I visit the lawyer?

Yes, you can visit the lawyer for a personal meeting.

How soon can I get my money after sending the notice?

A legal notice is only a form communication of your demand to the other party. Just sending a notice does not guarantee recovery of money.

Which law or legal provision deals with legal notice to Government?

Section 80 of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 deals with filing of Legal Notice in Civil Cases against the Govt.

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