The Four Ingredients Of Persuasive Legal Notice

When you receive a legal notice, you have two choices. You can seek the help of an experienced lawyer or draft the reply legal notice yourself.

Today I’d like to help you draft your reply legal notice with four essential factors that could save yourself from a potential lawsuit.

Generally speaking, a notice from a lawyer may cause unusual nervousness and may not help you see the problem clearly. If you receive a legal notice from your employer or a bank, don’t be dejected. We provide you with the insights to face the problem boldly and help you in reply to the notice with valid points.

What is a Legal Notice? The legal notice is a formal communication to a person or entity informing him that you intend to undertake legal. You can also send a legal notice for breach of contract to builders, third parties, and other individuals.

Ingredient 1: Facts & Circumstances

Right now, you’re probably worried and in a confused state, and wondering if there’s another way.

Yes, there is. Sit down and revisit the entire incident and put the events in a sequence order. Make a note of all the facts and circumstances that strengthen your argument.

Ingredient 2: Legal Standpoint

Review the issue in question as per the laws. Check if the limitation of law is applicable. Browse through some judgments from a case law search engine like, or ask a lawyer from a free legal advice website such as

Ingredient 3: Offer Evidence

You can improve your claim by providing relevant evidence for the allegations. It needs to be contextually relevant, persuasive, and elaborative.

Ingredient 4: Provide options for dispute resolution

Taking a case to court can be an expensive and slow way of solving your problem. It is a good idea to propose mediation and arbitration as a means of alternate dispute resolution. It can help to reach a consensus without wasting time and money on the court proceedings. Check for any specific clause stating that disputes are to be settled through arbitration instead of going to court.

We know what you’re thinking though – it’s a lot easier said than done.

If you’re finding it hard to draft a reply legal notice, you can always approach an experienced lawyer to help. Let them take care of the law while you focus on your personal/professional life.

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